We are the most active multilingual theatre performing group of Punjab that performs plays in Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu and English. YUVAA has been consistently performing plays in all of these languages since 2008. We perform existing texts, devised plays and new plays by upcoming writers. Our plays target the Young audiences in Schools and Colleges and our productions have a very modern and post modern feel about them. We use lots of music, dance and action in our plays. Our objective is to bring meaningful, healthy, enriching and thought provoking art and entertainment to the young audiences so that we can bring about a significant change in the intellectual make up of our society and build a new generation of theatre going, performance seeking audience with a taste for quality in theatre and quality in life for the times to come. We believe in this transformative and life changing quality of theatre and promote the inclusion of theatre in the education of all young Indians for a better, brighter India. Besides performing in Theatre Festivals of repute across the state, we perform open shows for the public at our present home town, Jalandhar, ticketted shows at the Punjab Natshala in Amritsar and private shows for institutions, NGOs, Societies and Organisations all over Punjab. YUVAA also staged Pyar Ke Is Khel Mein at the Akshara Theatre, New Delhi, in 2013. YUVAA has performed a wide range of plays beginning with Shakespeare's Hamlet, Habib Tanveer's Charandas Chor, Moliere's Bichchu, Swadesh Deepak's Courtmartial, Gulzar'sKharaashein, Sharad Joshi's Ek Tha Gadha, Rasika Agashe's Museum, Anton Chekhov's The Proposal, Davinder Gill's Ishque Remix, Makkadjaal ton Paar and Jithe Kavita Khatm Hundi Hai, Gursharan Singh's Planning, Pali Bhupinder's Main Pher Awanga, Chetan Datar'sDanceofLife@Death, Pyar Ke Is Khel Mein, Govind Verma's Kalyug Da Rabb and Ankur Sharma's Ek Hadsa to Piyush Mishra's Jab Shehar Hamara Sota Hai.

Ankur Sharma, Founder & Director


Yuvaa is offering a new form of entertainment to the city which is unique, creative and refreshing for the audience. Younger generation have got a platform to showcase their talent and the citizens a chance to witness a talent pool of our city Jalandhar.The most wonderful factor is that the plays staged by yuvaa strike a personal bond with the audience. Its productions like 'Jab Sheher Hamara Sota Hai',' kharaashein','Museum',Court-martial' are the best ones. When performed in YRU , 2016 these bagged housefulls. Sheher been staged at international theater festivals has got a claim to be the best while kharaashein when staged alongwith an exhibition captivated the audience especially the older ones who felt the pangs they had once undergone during partition. Sometimes humourous, sometimes chilling and at times sentimental their plays are entrenching.

Anmol Student

YUVAA has been trying to make Jalandhar as the theatre hub for Punjab . Although Jalandhar is known as media capital of Punjab with Doordarshan and Akashwani situated in the city , but still it does not have a theatre group of the national level. YUVAA fills this gap with its national level productions . YUVAA , with its creative Director Dr Ankur Sharma , and young actors doing at par with theatre which is not less than any other state’s theatre . For me , YUVAA is an inspiration and much more which can not be expressed in words. I was about to quit writing Punjabi drama because not many theatre groups staged my dramas. But then YUVAA staged one of my favourite plays and gave much needed confidence to me. It’s my fourth year of association with YUVAA. They staged many fine plays till date and the journey still continues.

Davinder Singh Gill Punjabi Playwright​

Jalandhar shehar ke rangmanch ko ek nayab virasat dene vaala ye naam baakhoobi janta hai kala ki pehchaan!!!
Pehli baar YUVAA team ka natak mujhe mere college ke professor ne dikhaya tha aur uske baad se khud hi mann krta hai k yuvaa ki har performance dekhi jaaye... Kyoki yuvaa ki har baat har kahani mann ko maano choo si jaati hai... Aur jis shidhat se yuvaa ke kalakar har kirdar ko nibhaate hain vo unki pratibha ki paribhasha sehaj hi de jata hai... Har yuvaa kalakar ke mann mein umeed ki kiran chod jata hai yuvaa ka manch
Thank you Sir Ankur Sharma for not resting on your oars and taking the theatre to a new horizon in the jalandhar city... Thank you YUVAA! For being a source of encouragement and joy...
Thank you for proving that an artist need only a will and courage to follow his passion...
"Lives of great men all remind us...
We can make our lives sublime and departing leave behind us Footprints on the sands of time"

Rajwinder Kaur Former Head Girl, H.M.V.,Jalandhar

Yuvva theatre, a premier theatre group, has been working as the torch bearer in the field of theatre for more than 10 years in the nothren part of this subcontinent . Started as amateurs, the artist of the yuvva, hailing from different background and professions, have evolved into professionals in the field. Theatre lovers of jalandhar are blessed enough to have yuvva at jalandhar.I, as a theatre lover and audience, have been associated with yuvva since it's beginning. I have seen it's progress in leaps and bounces.... I have seen yuvva struggling to get promotores.... I have seen yuvva performing for only a few audience. ... I have seen yuvva struggling to get place for rehearsals. ... money has always been a constraints but fire within the artists of yuvva never faded. Now as yuvva has grown into a professional group and has been successful in drawing audiences almost every weekend my wishes are with them... I am proud and glad to see that now the shows of yuvva goes full. Here I must thank and mention a few names of the artist of yuvva who have shown tremendous progress, patience, passion and love for the art and yuvva and has kept yuvva alive:vishesh arora , harish, harjit singh shaina, miss jha and my best buddy prof. Ankur sharma... guys you people are really amazing.I am always with you Love you all


Beyond The Stage

YUVAA works to bring the gifts of theatre to the young children in schools, the youth in the colleges and working professionals in the corporate sector and various other organisations. THE ACTING HEART workshops for various age groups in schools, colleges and Corporate work places help the participants know themselves better, enabling them to discover their latent talents and potential to excel, and make them capable of managing stress in their professional as well as domestic routines. The Acting Heart This is a unique combination of mental physical voice and breathing exercises designed for actors that help the participants to explore their inner selves. The focus is on arousing inner energies and channelizing them towards a developed sensitivity instilling courage, sincerity and vision. Using asanas, breath control, physical and mental awareness of the energy centres, strengthening of the acting voice and improvisation based theatre games these workshops provide a sound base for actors to extend and build on for their careers in the media industry. The effects of this combination seep into the entire personality and colour it with an in-depth approach and perspective. It also helps break the monotony of the dull daily routine and uses the interactive sessions to inculcate discipline, commitment, confidence, team work, faith, positive attitude, integrity and intrapersonal skills. YUVAA invites educationists and visionaries who can comprehend the power and importance of theatre in the education of the young minds to collaborate with us in bringing this enriching and invigorating experience to their pupils and help shape new, creative and innovative minds with respect for freedom of thought and spirit and love for all mankind.

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