MuZeum is a collage of tales related to the ill treatment of women in real life as well as in stories from our mythology and popular culture. The play takes a peep into our traditional literature exposing the one sided portrayal of women in mythological scriptures and juxtaposes it with several present day real incidents of crime against women being committed in various walks of life on a regular basis. The attempt is to unravel and lay bare the psyche behind such lopsided portrayal of women and the narrow parameters by which the morality of a woman is judged in our society that from times immemorial has set different standards of conduct and behaviour for a man and a woman. The play was conceived and developed by Rasika Agashe and Sumedh as a reaction to the infamous Nirbhaya Rape case of Delhi and comes forth as a strong protest against such heinous treatment of women even in the 21st century India.

YUVAA performed this play at the open air auditorium of Punjabi Bhavan, Ludhiana, to an audience of around 4000. YUVAA was invited to perform MuZeum at the 10th National Theatre Festival organised at Virsa Vihar, Amritsar.


Seen 2-3 plays of Yuvaa Theatre . They are actors from the core.That is why plays liked by one n all. Naturally i am one of their fans.God bless Yuvaa Manch

S.V.Hans Industrialist,Zoloto Ind. Ltd.​

YUVAA Theatre is working fantastically in and out of the city.I have learned a lot from this theat​re .I feel proud to be a part of it​.

Mukesh Sharma Comedian & TV Anchor/Actor​