Ishque Remix is a light comedy in Punjabi flavoured with the folk tradition of Punjab. It is also a mild comical satire on the changed values and attitudes today as against the vast tradition of love, sacrifice, honesty and bravery of our past. The play juxtaposes the past and the present by showing reincarnations of Heer and Ranjha and Mirza and Sahiba in the twenty first century Punjab. These two most famous and popular pairs of love- birds from Punjabi folklore are reborn and rediscover the challenges to their love in an entirely new setting. Once known for the truthfulness of their love, the purity of their bond and the self sacrificial spirit of their relation, these love birds react differently to their situations in the changed environment. It takes a humorous dig at the modern approach to love. The play entertains and also leaves a strong message with the audience to think about what we had and where we are headed to.

This play has been performed across Punjab and the young audiences have loved this rich recreation of folk tales.


मैंनें यहाँ कुछ अरसा रहा हूँ और वो तमाम लम्हात मेरे ज़हन में मौजूद हैं। जुनून क्या होता है इससे मेरा यहां इत्तिफ़ाक़ हुआ, इनकी कोशिशें आपके ज़हन के दरीचों को हमेशा रोशन करती रहेंगी। मैं कभी उन ख़ूबसूरत पलों को नहीं भूल सकता और उम्मीद करता हूँ कि ये जुनून हमेशा बरक़रार रहे।

K​aran Singh Bisht Income Tax Department

it was a wonderful experience.I have always loved the theater but was never able to enjoy it in my city...Yuvaa theatre give me the chance watch their heart touching plays..all artist's was very talented and their acting I expressed their hard work..All the best yuvva for future .. Always Waiting for new plays...

Jasleen Announcer AIR​