Bichchu is an adaptation from a French Moliere classic that is full of fun, wit and humour. It revolves around the trickery, antics and playful treachery of a conman who fleeces his masters, two shrewd and stingy old businessmen and manages to get things moving for his own ends. His ends, however, are not diabolic. His efforts are directed to help the young love birds in the play get united by swaying over the might of their fathers. Of course, he manages to achieve personal targets in the process too. The young sons of the businessmen wish to marry the girls of their choice against the wishes of their class conscious and frugal fathers. Loads of fun and laughter emerge from the confusion between the sons and the fathers due to the games played on all by the clever conman. The play has a fresh appeal to it and strikes a balance between the romantic and the comical and between the classical and the contemporary while strictly avoiding the slapstick blend of humour.

The KING of all YUVAA comedies, Bichchu remains the most sought after and popular comedy in the region. It has been performed to packed auditoriums at the Punjab Natshala and several other venues across Punjab.


Yuvaa is synonymous with bright beginning of a creative world. Year by year doing tremendous growth and making a fruitful future , Yuvaa is the need of contemporary generation.

Neetu Vaid Sharma Asst. Prof.

My first experience of theatre was with yuvaa. And it was great to watch them. So much talent to be watched. And best of luck for future.

Mohit Rubel Announcer AIR YUV VANI‚Äč