The Acting Heart is a series of workshops organised by YUVAA since 2015 in order to take the benefits of theatre training to the young boys and girls who have had none or very little experience of Theatre. The workshops are also organised for working professionals, management students and teachers of schools so that they can over come the stress of delivering in an increasingly competitive environment, enhance their personality and communication skills and learn to perform under all circumstances working in collaboration with their colleagues.

The ACTING Heart includes physical movement, yogic concentration, voice modulations, expressions, costumes in theatre, mask making, dance and lots of theatre games and fun filled exercises. Participants are trained to work in a collaborative environment and to find solutions to problems quickly.


YUVAA is an inspiring group of talented people from varied fields. The workshop not only helped me enhance my acting skills but also other important parts of theatre like writing, make up art and dancing. Though the number of hours of contact could have been more. The best part was focus on the the exercise sessions, it helped us a lot to gain more attentiveness while on stage and off stage also. I've been watching plays by YUVAA since my first year and those technical details that they work were conveyed and imparted to us in a good way. I felt that one writing and narration part would have helped the script writers also.

Deepanjali Dayal B.Tech(Mechanical) Pursuing

It was a complete package-acting, dance, thought, story, innovation, costumes, makeup, lights and most importantly "freedom of mind and beleiving in the situation" yes,its true that we got to learn little of each part because of time constraints but for people who are merely engineering students amazed by theatre and its grandeur,this workshop brought us a new way to learn and move ahead. We learnt a lot but we could have learnt more if and only if time constraints weren't there(which is totally a lag on our side) So,thank you so much YUVAA...keep progressing ...keep enjoying ....and keep guiding us

Jasleen Kaur Software developer, Oracle pvt Ltd.

It was a very pleasant experience of the 11 days workshop i had attended last year because there were something new and challenging things for me specially the last one hour activity by *Ankur* *Sharma* Sir.It was the thing which can pave way for the inner acting to come out overcoming your shyness and could polish your acting skills. I learned from the yuva actors to challenge my limits wheather its acting,dancing,exercise or any other stuff during the workshop.One thing of Ankur sir which i still remember and implement in my real life is to Observe and feel the world as an actor...whatever the circumstance may be. The thing i loved most in yuva actors is their spontaneous n quick reactions to the conditions given and their professionalism even in a small role...which makes it alive.In short it was basically the best workshop i ever attended.Thanks you all

Pranay B.Tech(Biotech) Pursuing

नाटक एक सुनहरी कला है जो हम चार सालो से करते आ रहे हैं। पर हम आभारी है युवा के जिनके सहयोग से हमने थिएटर को महसूस कर जीना सीखा है।
Its a great opportunity for all of us to learn about the life and its beauty by the Team YUVAA and the credit goes to our favourite Ankur sir. The workshop is worth to attend as it deals not only with technicalities but also with your presence of mind and tactics.
The team is just perfect i.e. its about direction, actors, soundman, lights, music, choreography, costumes ,sets and management everything is so beautifully organised and managed which makes their performance worth watching bole toh fan bana de

"Jalandhar aake aapne yuvaa na dekha toh kya dekha"*

Tejasva Nema Trainee, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.